Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kristin's Caribbean Art Postcards

These adorable creations are from Kristin W Haynes blog
Kristin is a "fun in the sun" Artist who lives and works in the Caribbean. Her Artwork is of the real stuff that the rest of us just dream about. Her quirky and fun Lolitta Lizard and her Caribbean beach houses are so adorable. They remind me of a trip I enjoyed to Barbados many years ago where I fell in love with the island life. Kristin's work is available at Zazzle.
10% of all sales go to super good causes.Really, Really groovy Non-Profit Causes that benefit when youom you buy Kristins Art.
Sol International
Roatan Marine Park
Clinica Esperanza
Be sure to Visit Kristin's blog to see more of her artwork, You'll be glad you did~

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