Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cumbrae Sensory Trail Postcard

This is from my postcard buddy Karen who lives in East Kilbride in the UK. This postcard is from the Cumbrae Sensory Trail, from the Isle of Greater Cumbrae. "It's a small Isle on the West Coast in the Firth of Clyde." One of Karen's' family Favorites. "You can cycle round the Isle in just over an hour. The website boasts about It being a trail for all seasons.

"The Cumbrae Sensory Trail can be enjoyed all year round, with the different seasons offering their own unique charm, from the seal colony in winter, to primroses and bluebells in spring, orchids and wild flowers in summer and a glorious display of colour in autumn. "

Traveling through postcards is fun, but I'd love to visit for real!

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