Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something Old, Something New, and Some Wacky Stuff Too

Some Vintage Postcards
Modified Postcards

You know when you're walking the beach for shells and you come across the mother load of shells and you're put in total bliss. Well, that is how I felt coming across Mr. Wacky at
Stuff by Wackystuff. When I came across the collection of incredibly creative stuff on this awesome blog my ADHD went into overdrive. All the Visual Candy was like a creative shot to my brain and I had to just share with all my creative junkie friends especially those that love the art of postcards. There is so much to discover at Wackystuff's blogs and his Flickr photostream, there's also a list of places to check out listed under Wacky Links. Check out all the Wackiness at Stuff by Wackystuff, You'll be glad you did~

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